Meet Priscilla..Mother of 3, Believer in Santa and young at heart (obviously)..


 I am  definitely one of a kind, Jersey Girl.  I reside in NC now and have learned to adapt to a different type of world.  I never stay on one topic for too long but I will frequently discuss anything that pisses me off, my family, politics and of course conspiracy crap.. 🙂  I also have a wide range of topics that will be brought up; MRSA, behavioral issues etc. I also plan to reach out to those in need in a few creative ways.. STAY TUNED!!

 On a serious note, I was raised in a town called Bridgeton, NJ and have an amazing family. I have been through rape, torment, physical abuse. I have stories that LifetimeMovieNetwork knows nothing about.   That is ok though, I am a better/stronger me today!



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