Mommy Problems


I just love how smart my darling 3 year old daughter is and how well she communicates, seems so grown at times…

Today I get pulled over for speeding..

OFFICER: ma’am is there a reason why you are going 10mph over the limit?

ME: no officer i do apologize i will be more careful.

SERENA:  mommy i thought you said you had to make the yellow light before you poop your pants?



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Exciting News!

Cakes by B

Hey there all of you Cakes by B fans, I have some exciting news!  For the first time EVER Cakes by B is going “public”… at least for one day.  I will have a booth at the Christmas Bazaar at the Jamestown United Methodist Church in Jamestown this Saturday, December 7th, from 9-1.   There will be 5 different flavors of cupcakes and 4 different flavors of cake truffles to choose from.  Come by and enjoy one…or 12!  I hope to see you there!


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Another Security Installation Targeted in Iraq; 21 Killed, 87 Wounded


Another Security Installation Targeted in Iraq; 21 Killed, 87 Wounded
by Margaret Griffis, December 04, 2013

Militants have again targeted a security installation in Iraq. This time, it was in the northern city of Kirkuk. At 21 people were killed and 87 more were wounded there or in other…
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Another Security Installation Targeted in Iraq; 21 Killed, 87 Wounded

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MRSA found in poultry destined for shops [UK]

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BBC News 26 November 2013

The first case of MRSA in poultry in the UK has been found in turkeys and chickens on a farm in East Anglia says the Department of Health (DH).

A spokesman said that two thirds of the turkeys on the farm, which hasn’t been named, were found to be infected.

It is thought that hundreds of turkeys have already been sold to local retail outlets and farm gate sales. The farmer is cooperating.

Experts say the risk to the public is very low.

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